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Unique Cell Separation Technology
Powerful RNA Extraction From FFPE Samples
Automated Cell Counter - EVE

Exosome Engineering

Cambridge Bioscience offers a range of tools for the engineering of exosomes as custom cargo shuttles for the delivery of nucleic acids, proteins and even small molecules to target cells.

Exo-Glow™ -  Exosome labelling kit for tracking cellular interaction & uptake in real-time
Exo-Fect™ - High efficiency reagent for the transfection of nucleic acids into isolated exosomes
XMIR - Cell-mediated generation of ready-to-use exosomes packed with an miRNA
XPack™ - Cell-mediated generation of ready-to-use exosomes packed with any protein of choice
XStamp™ - Exosome targeting technology for destination-specific cargo delivery

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